How To Measure Your Dog

. . . For A Coat

When measuring your greyhound for a coat be sure he/she is standing squarely in a natural position with head up. Take a tape measure and measure from base of neck to base of tail (as shown below). This value (in inches) is the size of the dog coat.


Greyhound Coats come in sizes: 24″ (extra small also suitable for lurcher), 26″ (small), 28″ (medium), 30″ (large) and 32″ (X Large for coursing types and other similar shaped large breeds.


Whippet coats come in: 19″ (small), 21″ (medium) and 23″ (large).

. . . For A Collar

 Measure your greyhound for a collar by simply measuring the circumference around the neck as shown below.

Our leather greyhound collars are generously designed and made at 20″ (50cm) overall length to allow for lots of adjustment around the neck from 13″ to 18″ (33cm to 46cm) - which is suitable for greyhounds, lurchers - dogs, bitches and saplings.

For the whippet the leather collar measures:

15½” (39cm) overall, buckling from 11½” to 14″ (29cm to 35cm)

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